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'Another Jemm of a Show!'- Hexham Courant 2007

Saturday, 3rd August 2013 - 09:27 pm      Author: Rory Stobo

'Me and My Girl'. Another Jemm of a show.
Real Jemms: Members of Jemms who performed Me and My Girl at the Queen’s Hall, Hexham.

A LOT of people would be forgiven for thinking that youth theatre companies are a bit hit-and-miss.
Not so, however, the Jemms company, which made its triumphant return to the Queen’s Hall in Hexham last week, and once again met and promptly surpassed everyone's expectations with a performance of Rose and Furber’s Me and My Girl.

Credit, as always, goes to the young supporting cast. Filling the stage with aristocratic business one moment and Lambeth charm the next, they demonstrated the sheer versatility, flowing choreography and rousing chorus singing that keeps audiences coming back to Jemms shows.

If that was the standard of the support cast, imagine the line-up of the main cast.
The “veteran” comedy double-act of Rupert Blades and Mark Coulson had the audience in stitches as they schemed against Harriet Rees' dragon of a duchess.
Similarly, Thomas Rees' limp-wristed fop Gerald was the perfect counterpart to the manipulative gold-digger Jacqueline, played by Grace Nicholson.

However, the undoubted star of the show was the charismatic rough diamond Bill, played with gusto by Charles Craven, whose character stole every scene he was in as effortlessly as he stole the silver watches of the nobility.

Just as impressive as the acting was the job done by the backstage crew throughout the performance who made the simple set work hard to great effect.

They ensured the play flowed despite set changes – an all-too-present gripe among the musical-going population – and it was obvious that great thought and rigorous planning had gone into keeping the pace.

This was just another way in which the professionalism of Jemms stands out from the crowd, begging the one question, why haven't you seen them yet?

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