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Stimulating, welcoming, colourful, splendid, hilariously appealing and pleasingly organised, enriching, nurturing and inspirational.
Kate Pasola from Prudhoe
There are so many amazing talents in both the cast and crew and I feel priviledged to have had the chance to be part of it.
Abi Neal from Prudhoe
No matter what role you play, it's always enjoyable. Whether you're a bus seat in 'Summer Holiday' or a tree in 'Midsummer Night's Dream'!
Naomi McDiarmid from Stocksfield
Every child needs to have the Jemms experience - it's an upbringing in itself!
Jack Dancer
The friendships I've formed here are ones which I'll never leave behind - at times it truly has felt like my second family. The last 12 years have taught me a lot and have given me the confidence to do things I'd never thought about doing.
Ben Dancer from Wylam
I have been in Jemms since I was six and I have loved every minute. Jemms has inspired me to pursue a career in acting and next year I hope to get a place at drama school.
Harriet Rees from Wylam
Jemms has helped me build my confidence and as corny as it may sound, it has helped me decide that singing and the arts is what I want to pursue as a career. I have had such a great time and will never forget it.
Joseph Bell from Ovingham
Jemms has given me the opportunity to wear metallic gold leggings; hide a fish under my overcoat, and look up my own skirt in search of my character's illusive self-esteem. Thus far, no other organisation has permitted me even one of these things!
Will Rees from Wylam
From my first role as a very serious vicar to my final part as the majestic Twimble, my six years in Jemms have been a euphoric blend of fluffy costumes and poorly executed Scouse accents!
Ben Evans
I came to Jemms as a five year old; we threw imaginary balls, did a feline dance to 'Cats' and started working on Roald Dahl's classics. I loved it instantly!
Rachel Atkinson
For eight years Jemms has always livened up my Tuesday nights. I will definitely miss Jemms, from the ever-embarassing improvisations to meeting some amazing people!
Alice Hanley from Wylam
I wish I'd come earlier because Jemms is a lovely happy place for lovely happy people and has made Tuesday lush.
Joe Kroese from Wylam
I would not have the confidence and skill I have today without Jemms, so for that I am eternally grateful. I have made some amazing friends and have enjoyed every minute!
Jack Cook
I have made some of my closest and dearest friends at Jemms and will never forget the memories I have with you all.
Jemms isnt just a theatre group, it's like my big singing and dancing second family!
Lucy Aiston from Prudhoe
Jemms has always made a Tuesday night a great one! I have been at Jemms for 7 years now but wish I had joined sooner.
Anna Barnard from Wylam

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Junior Jemms Cancelled 24th March

Just to remind parents that the Junior Jemms session is cancelled tonight due to the Senior Jemms dress rehearsal. We apologise for any inconvenience. more

Recruiting new members for academic year 2013-2014

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'Jemms knows just how to succeed in show business'-…

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'A Jemm of a show shines through the laughter and the…

Jemm of a show shines through the laughter and the tears.
Across Northumberland the name Jemms is synonymous with exciting and vibrant theatre. more

'Another Jemm of a Show!'- Hexham Courant 2007

'Me and My Girl'. Another Jemm of a show.
Real Jemms: Members of Jemms who performed Me and My Girl at the Queen’s Hall, Hexham. more

There are so many amazing talents in both the cast and crew and I feel priviledged to have had the chance to be part of it.... Abi Neal, Prudhoe